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Horseback Tours – Full Day

Our activities involve a certain level of risk. PumaPath and their employees assume no responsibility for injuries that may occur during the course of this activity. Knowingly, if you choose to participate in this activity, please complete the bottom section, sign and date this form. Payment is to be made in full prior to departure. Refunds will not be issued.

Intipunku Full Day Horseback Tour

This full-day quest to the Sun Gate begins across the ancient Inca Bridge outside of Ollantaytambo winding along the rushing Vilcanota River with Mount Veronica’s peak offering an enticing invitation signaling the direction. The 9km sun baked path narrows while it climbs the slopes of Catchicata, leading past the quarries and tumbs of Incan mummies. The final and steepest portion of the journey is reached by foot, summiting the breathtaking precipice, the sacred space between land and sky where time is eternal and the sun and earth are observed moving in harmony through the gateway. Upon return, there is the option of taking refuge in a cove where refreshing spring waters offer a place to relax and cool from the sun’s fervor.

Perolniyoc Full Day Horseback tour


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