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Horseback Riding – Half Day

Our activities involve a certain level of risk. PumaPath and their employees assume no responsibility for injuries that may occur during the course of this activity. Knowingly, if you choose to participate in this activity, please complete the bottom section, sign and date this form. Payment is to be made in full prior to departure. Refunds will not be issued.

Cachicata Horseback Tour

This half-day ride is a peaceful excursion along the Sacred River, starting across the ancient Inca Bridge outside of Ollantaytambo. It is a favored route for any skill level, beginning on flat ground winding alongside the rushing Vilcanota, then gradually climbing the mountainside to the quarries which offers spectacular views of the three uniting valleys and the Sacred peak, Mount Veronica. This 5mile/8km roundtrip is enjoyed for 4-5 hours which includes an opportunity to stretch your legs while exploring the Incan workshop with our professional guide and revel in the magnificence of the serene area during a picnic break overlooking the town site of the Living Inca Village.

Pumamarca Horseback Tour

This is a smooth two hour ascension along the carved canyon of the Patacancha River, passing the extraordinary terraced cliffs of Musca Pujio. Reaching the magically inspiring site of Pumamarca unveils the expansive sky and an ocean of mountain tops nurturing the community of Pallata and the farming plots of Muris. This 14km half-day option offers picture perfect moments such as observing herds of llamas roaming the slopes and hopeful sightings of condors soaring along the adjacent cliff faces.

Ñaupa Iglesia

The half day ride to Ñaupa Iglesia is a pleasant journey begining across the Incan bridge outside Ollantaytambo. This 9km tour ventures on flat terrain alongside the Sacred River and the train rails that are leading to MacchuPicchu. The eucalyptus shaded route weaves through farming feilds and the charming town of Pachar before arriving at the foot of a steep stoned stairway that evokes an inticing invitation up into the Mistical underworld cave which is culturaly represented by the snake.


  • Horse.
  • Equipment.
  • Helmet.
  • Guide.
  • Horseman.
  • Snack.


  • $95 per rider.

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